Hong Kong still attracts employers but talent is in short supply

Recruiter magazine noted a recent salary and employment survey that found Hong Kong is continuing to attract companies looking to gain a foothold in Asia, but talented professionals are in short supply. The survey found that average salaries in Hong Kong are expected to increase over the next 12 months, with 71% of all surveyed employers expected to offer salary increases of between 1% and 5%.

Hong Kong employment sectors expected to provide employees with highest salary increases of 6-10% include procurement & supply chain (50%), secretarial & office support (42%) and legal (33%).

The survey quoted one headhunter as saying:

“While some established businesses are beginning to look at setting up in other cities such as Shanghai and Singapore, Hong Kong’s deep pool of talent makes it hard to beat for companies starting out in the region… For 2014, we believe that staff retention will be the key theme for employers in Hong Kong as competition for the best performers will be strong.”

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