Recruitment Services

Brain Gain Asia LLC offers three levels of recruiting services depending upon your recruitment budget and your recruiting needs:

  • Job postings and candidate email alerts.
  • Candidate sourcing and shortlisting.
  • Executive search.

We also offer special add-on and fully customizable research and consulting services.

Job Postings

We would be more than happy to place a relevant job posting under the appropriate country page on our website and on our Linkedin groups. This means that your job posting will be seen by thousands of appropriate candidates from the location where you have a position to fill as well as rank high when candidates search the Internet for information about appropriate employment opportunities in their country of origin. For further details about our job posting service, please contact us.

Candidate Email Alerts

Likewise, we can also send out a targeted email alert to candidates in our extensive database who we know are actively searching for a position or target passive candidates in our database. This service is best combined with our job posting services and can be set up so that anyone who responds to the email alert will contact you directly. For further details about our candidate email alert service, please contact us.

Candidate Sourcing and Shortlisting

For employers who do not have the time nor the resources to sort through potentially hundreds, if not thousands of unqualified responses that job postings on major job boards or untargeted email blasts can generate and who also do not have the resources to use an executive search service, we offer a candidate sourcing and shortlisting service.

Unlike traditional executive search services, our candidate sourcing and shortlisting services does not entail a success fee paid to us upon the hiring of a candidate. Instead and for a set fee per search, we will conduct candidate sourcing and shortlisting on your behalf. This service includes:

  • Job postings and email alerts to candidates as appropriate.
  • A search of our extensive candidate database and our professional contacts.
  • Confirmation of candidates’ availability, basic qualifications and interest in your position.
  • A shortlist with a short write-up about each candidate.
  • For an extra fee, we can also conduct a reference check.

Our candidate sourcing and shortlisting service can be a win-win solution for both you the employer and for us as a search firm. For starters and much like the traditional retained search firm model, we are guaranteed a fee for the work that we do and you have an assurance that we will “not loose interest” in your search should it prove difficult – a common problem when fees (and headhunter commissions) are based only on a successful hiring and then paid once the candidate has joined your organization.

Likewise and from our standpoint, the resources, time, onerous and uncertainty of making a hiring decision e.g. contacting candidates to schedule interviews, contacting candidates to reschedule interviews, salary negotiations, dealing with “low-ball” salary offers from employers or unrealistic salary expectations from candidates, decision making by committee etc. is left fully up to you.

For further information about our candidate sourcing and shortlisting service, please contact us.

Executive Search

For employers needing a more complete recruiting service beyond our candidate sourcing and shortlisting service, we offer a traditional executive search service to recruit returnees or expatriates for or from the following Asian markets: Cambodia, Greater China (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our executive search service focuses on the unique aspects of recruiting returnees or expatriates into positions based in Asia, including:

  • Academic and professional qualifications obtained in Asia and beyond.
  • Integrity, honesty and reliability.
  • English abilities.
  • Desire and ability to return to their home country or to another location in Asia.
  • Other unique company or country specific factors that may determine the success or failure of a candidate placement.

Our executive search service includes the following:

  • Job postings and email alerts to candidates as appropriate.
  • A search of our extensive candidate database and our professional contacts.
  • In-depth interviews of candidates to confirm their abilities, qualifications, availability and interest in your position.
  • A shortlist with a short write-up about each candidate.
  • Assistance with contract and compensation negotiations.
  • Other assistance as required to hire and get the candidate onboard.

We can tailor our executive search service to meet the unique and exact needs of your company, the position you need to fill and its location in Asia.

For further information about our executive search service, please contact us.

Custom Research or Consulting

Depending upon your recruiting needs and the type or scale of your operations, we can offer a variety of customized research or consulting services that are related to our other recruiting services, database of returnee candidates and expatriates or contacts within the Asia region.

For further information about our custom research or consulting service, please contact us.

Recruitment Marketing and Content Writing

Thanks to the Internet, recruitment these days has moved beyond placing recruitment ads in newspapers while social media and professional networking sites like Linkedin has helped recruitment evolve beyond just the posting of generic job ads onto online job boards in hopes that the right candidates will see it and then contact you.

Employers and headhunters alike need to have a 360 degree recruitment marketing strategy that encompasses social media and professional networking sites to hunt passive talent, job descriptions that grab attention from the right candidates and both online and offline content like blogs and articles designed to attract a following from readers who are actively seeking a job or those who might be open to considering a new opportunity should the right one present itself at some future date.

Depending upon your needs, we can assist you with devising an appropriate recruitment marketing strategy as well as with the writing of job descriptions, blogs and related content that will make your opportunity and organization stand out from crowd.

For further information about our recruitment marketing and writing services, please contact us.