Why start a niche recruiting business and portal focused on returnees in Asia and to a lesser extent, expatriates in general? For starters, I have personally been both a returnee (albeit my home country is the United States) and a long-time expatriate or resident in Asia.

In 2002, I moved to Australia to obtain a MBA focused on Asia and Chinese business practices and I would have loved to have had the opportunity to at least spend a few years working in Australia or to even permanently settle there. However and given the difficulties and uncertainties even at that time to migrate or immigrate to Australia, I had to return to the United States during a poor economy and weak job market but I planned to go back to Asia as soon as an appropriate chance presented itself.

I eventually ended up working in the Philippines and Vietnam in the executive search and recruitment business but like many other Western expatriates who have been in Asia for a considerable amount of time, I have found that employment opportunities here for us have dwindled just as employment and opportunities in general have fallen in the West.

Hence and like many Westerners who want to have the option to remain in Asia because it has come to be a home, I was forced to reinvent myself and become self-employed and entrepreneurial. Given my background and personal experience being in the same shoes as many of you, I hope Brain Gain Asia LLC can be of assistance to you – whether as a candidate seeking an appropriate employment opportunity or as an employer seeking the right candidate with a truly unique skill set.

In the mean time, feel free to contact me or better yet, send an invitation to connect with me on Linkedin and we will take it from there.

John Udovich

Strategic Partners

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