Myanmar Business Development Manager

My client, a leading multinational packaging company, is seeking a business development manager who can look after their existing customers in Myanmar, find new potential customers and keep an eye on the local market for new sales opportunities as the country’s economy continues to grow and further open up.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Have experience doing some sort of B2B sales or business development.
  • Be fluent in English and Burmese while knowing Chinese dialects might be advantageous, but not necessary.
  • Work independently but be able to collaborate regionally with staff based in other countries.

Because this business development manager will work from the offices of a local distributor or partner plus report to and work closely with staff based in other Southeast Asian countries, its advantageous for candidates to have worked and/or studied abroad (e.g. in Singapore) interacting and working with other nationalities within the region.

Note: I regularly get inquiries for sales or business development reps for Myanmar as more companies seek to establish a presence there.


Please send a CV (plus any current compensation information) to John AT or message/connect with me on LinkedIn at

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