Southeast Asia Managing Director (Start-up Specialty Chemicals Operation)

My client, a leading MNC specialty chemicals and coatings company, is seeking a Managing Director to set up and grow their Southeast Asia sales, technical and manufacturing operations. At this point in time, my client already has one technical sales person based in the region to service an existing book of business which they want to grow plus the parent company owns other related or unrelated businesses in the region.

What they need is a Managing Director who will be very hands on in the beginning to build a sales/technical team plus set up a basic manufacturing operation (Note: The manufacturing operation will involve importing and mixing various compounds, chemicals and/or coatings). The entire operation will probably grow to 15 or 20 people in the region over the next few years.

Right now, my client can be very flexible regarding location as there is no legal entity set up yet with Thailand and Malaysia being strong considerations (plus perhaps even Singapore) and the ideal candidate should have a technical degree with experience and training from a larger chemical company.

Other considerations or perhaps ideal candidates could be:

– Someone who already has experience setting up a chemicals operation with manufacturing in Southeast Asia or China and who may not still be based in the region but who wants to return to for a similar challenge.

– Someone who is already retired from the chemicals business but is still willing to commit to setting up and running an operation for perhaps the next several years.

– Someone with a larger chemical company operation in the region who is open to and able to demonstrate an ability to be successful in a start-up operation.

How to Apply

Send me a CV and note your current or expected compensation to or message/connect with me on LinkedIn at

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