A really cool infographics resume

A Print and Interactive Designer/Developer named Chen Zhi Liang in Singapore had a semester-end assignment to create an infographics resume and this is what he came up with:

That’s pretty cool and probably effective for someone searching for a graphic design job or anything related to the creative arts BUT I would advise to always make sure that you have a traditional print resume/CV handy to send out in DOC or PDF format (as those formats are what applicant tracking software systems can read) or to bring to any interview. Moreover, make sure the file size for your infographics resume stays small so it does not overload anyone’s email.

With that in mind, you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create an infographics resume as there is a list of handy online tools on MakeUseOf.com that you can make use. And if you are wondering why you might want to create an infographics resume, the article starts out by noting that:

Information graphics, visual representations of data known as infographics, keep the web going these days. Web users, with their diminishing attention spans, are inexorably drawn to these shiny, brightly coloured messages with small, relevant, clearly-displayed nuggets of information. They’re straight to the point, usually factually interesting and often give you a wake-up call as to what those statistics really mean.

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