How Hong Kong’s professional landscape has changed over the past decade

Advance (“Connecting Australians Globally”) recently interviewed Australian Fiona Nott (a Governance and Compliance Consultant and non-executive director of Aesop Hong Kong; founder and chair of the Australian Chamber of Commerce Women In Business Network; and a Board member of the 30% Club) about how the professional landscape has changed in Hong Kong over the past 10 years where she is based.

In the interview, she observed that:

About a decade ago there was a large focus on the banking and legal industries amongst the international community, however as the Asia economies continue to surge ahead it has brought a range of fantastic new business opportunities in various industries; startup cultures to SMEs to broader business scenes. Now its common to see professionals (or ex professionals) working in startups, running businesses in retail, technology, food and beverage, the arts, other creative industries or non-profits as well as capital markets and legal.

When asked what type of industry or business is more conducive to success in Hong Kong, she commented:

Any type of business can be successful in Hong Kong whether trading in the city, basing corporate headquarters or launching into other parts of Asia, if you get the approach right. The city lives and breathes a “can-do” attitude and energy, and its infrastructure really supports ease of doing business. Creative industries such as the arts, wine and food as well as non-profits and have also flourished in recent years.

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