Common interview questions that candidates find hard to answer recently polled 120 Singaporean job candidates on the most common interview question they found hardest to answer in a Singapore job interview.

At the top of the list was identifying long-term career goals with most candidates citing reasons of being unclear of what they want to pursue, and being afraid that the goals would appear unrealistic to potential employers.

Having to explain why they wanted to work in that company was the next most common question that made candidates uncomfortable. Job candidates explained the challenge in coming up with a convincing answer was due to the lack of knowledge in the company’s culture and available career paths.

Revealing strengths and weaknesses to potential employers also proved to be a dilemma to job candidates. Not only were job candidates concerned about coming across as being overly-confident when revealing strengths, they were also worried about the potential loss of job opportunity by revealing their weaknesses. Most job candidates were not confident about turning their weaknesses into potential strengths.

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