Why Chinese job boards and recruitment sites look different

To westerners, a Chinese job board or recruitment site may look cluttered and chaotic, but that’s also what works in the country according to a recent article in Recruiter magazine.

In the article, a Director with a job board noted a “difference in the treatment of the employer brand” and that:

“UK jobs websites tend to display around 20 job postings per page and tend to drive candidates towards searching for relevant job postings, instead of using the employer brand from the homepage as the predominant attraction factor for jobseekers.”

The latter approach works best for companies with a known consumer brand, or those that are investing in building up their employer brand. For those reasons, Chinese job boards are:

“…strewn with numerous adverts… with very little initial information about the job role… Much more so than in the UK, it is the brand that is used to hook the jobseeker rather than the details of the role itself. This suggests Chinese jobseekers are more concerned about the status of the company and esteem of its brand.”

However and when targeting so-called “sea turtles,” Chinese expats wanting to return home, Chinese employers must “be mindful that the way they [candidates] respond to such advertising may have changed” after working abroad or in western countries.

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