Some quick advice for expatriates working in Hong Kong, which helps to connect the global Australian community and Australian expatriates working abroad, recently interviewed Australian Joanne Griffin about the highs, lows and opportunities of working in Hong Kong as a content media manager and then repatriating home to Australia.

In the interview, she talked about the “vast differences” between Hong Kong and Australia and that there is “the good, the bad, and the difficult in both countries.” Specifically, she noted:

Overall Hong Kong seems to be brightly open to entrepreneurialism and innovation compared to Australia…. Working in communications, I find that Australia’s lack of broadband speeds and being isolated from major media centres / hubs has been difficult. It took me some time before I could digest an Australian newspaper again. It’s just a different pace here.

Joanne’s advice for would be Australian expatriates thinking of working in Hong Kong or anywhere abroad would be:

My advice is don’t stay in your apartment. Be open to adventure and be curious about your local community. What I didn’t realise is that Hong Kong is mainly a national park. If you are an athletic, sports-loving outdoors person, Hong Kong is perfect to indulge those whims…. Most of all, be practical at some level. You need to let go of how it was at home, your level of comfort might not be the same. That being said finding a new home in Hong Kong is challenging.

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