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  1. I John says:

    I am looking for an Operations role in the Banking/ BPO segment. I was previously based as an expat Vice President Operations in the Philippines for 4+ years working for a leading USA based Bank.

    My 15+ years of varied background in Operations Management, Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Business Development, Business Consultancy / Solutions, Project Management, Customer Service incorporates all these different facets to drive strategic leadership in creating a culture geared towards Performance Excellence.

    A grizzled Operations Executive with an eye for detail, I have an aptitude for immersing myself and analyzing loads of data to lock on to the critical components
    to render informed judgments, establish strategic direction, and link the gap between business activities and company objectives. Consulting engagements I
    spearheaded yielded successful restructuring, radical strategic shifts and major policy changes which have addressed crucial issues and improved profits.

    My 4 years of expat assignment has honed my abilities to leverage cross functional teams and their strengths to engineer cost effective and sustainable results. I have
    played a pivotal role in forging partnerships for collaborative and joint ventures to address gaps.

    I was a key stakeholder in the Risk Council and Location Operations Committee (Country Governance bodies).

    My legacy to my previous employers endures in the programs, tools, reports and exemplary performances and work culture I left behind. I am committed to uphold only the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and service.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    I John

  2. James Hoyle says:

    I have an interest to work in the Philippines. My area of expertise is medium to Heavy engineering sales, design and manufacturing. My experience includes technical sales roles with a leading manufacturer of mining equipment and service industries in Australia. I would like to consider any medium level management opportunity either in manufacturing or sales or both. I am engaged to a Filipina citizen and intend to marry during 2013. I would look forward to consider any suitable opportunity you may wish to fill.

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